Online Nursery Basic Plant Care


“Online Nursery Basic Plant Care”

Different plant may require different kind of care, but there is basic plant care that people can practice to practically all kind of plant. The online nursery basic plant care will help people to fully understand what a plant needs to grow healthy. Most people already know about it, from watering, fertilization and pruning, but not everyone understands completely the reason behind each action or how to do that the best way. By understanding the basic plant care, people will be able to customize it perfectly based on the plant type and they can expect to have a well grown and healthy plant.

Site Selection for Plant Care

Site selection is actually not part of plant care but this is the basic of gardening. Everyone knows that they should pick the right plant that can live in the climate they live on. But there is other factor that people should be aware of about site selection. If they make the wrong choice, then most likely that the plant won’t grow and it will wither. The site selection is so much more choosing a plant based on its climate. People should also consider other aspect such as the type of soils where the plant will be planted, the amount of sun that the plant should get, the heat, cold and shade. The perfect site location will help the plant to grow healthy.

Common Plant Care

Like it has mentioned before, there are three basic plant care that most people already know about, watering, fertilizing and pruning. This is the most basic thing that people should do with their plant, if they expect their plant to grow the way they want it to be. Every type of care has its own purpose and failed to do that will result the death of the plant, or simply the plant won’t grow nicely. Every type of plant is different from one another so it will be best for the plant owner to get to know the individual needs of their plant and customize the basic plant care according to it.

The first aspect is watering. All plant needs water to live although it the amount of water that was needed is varying from one plant to another. Most plant will live by getting sufficient amount of water once a week. It can come from anything whether it was from the rain or supplemental watering. But, just like any other thing, too much water will do no good. Too much water in the root zones will make the root died and eventually the plant will die as well. People just need to make sure that they give enough water in the area where the root can access it.

Fertilization is the next aspect of plant care. Every plant need to get enough fertilize to make sure that it get all the nutrition it need to grow. Different plants have different need of fertilize. The main principal of giving fertilize to a plant is by giving it on the right time and on the right amount to make sure it will be absorbed perfectly. The fertility of the plant site also affect greatly on the plant. If the site is deficient, then people need to add supplemental fertilizer whether it comes from organic fertilizer such as compost or from chemical fertilizer.

The last aspect of the basic plant care is pruning. Pruning has different advantage for different plant. Some plant, especially individual plant need it to make it look more attractive while other plants need pruning to reinvigorate flowering or perhaps to reduce the amount of disease that attack the plant. Pruning can be done by anyone but for those who do it for specific purpose such as reinvigorating the flower, they need to do it on the right times and the right way. By doing the entire basic plant care, people can expect to watch their plant grow healthy and productively. Visit: