Strategic Ways to Success Your Google Adsense

google adsense

If you are a blogger or web owner must be familiar with Google Adsense. It is one of Google’s programs that allow someone posted an ad on the site there. Later, when an ad is clicked by a visitor, you as the owner of the blog will be rewarded in the form of money. Therefore, your website (website or blog) is being a place for the ad owner to place their ads. However, not a few people who fail to monetize their blog with GA account and also failed to take care of him.

To be a successful person in the run Google Adsense, it is recommended that you learn the rules provided by Google, understand SEO techniques and have good writing skills. Starting an Adsense program, you should first determine what theme you want to foster in your blog or website, other terms are niche. Theme or topic plays an important role in obtaining results in the Adsense program. There are some specific topics that are not effectively used in the Adsense program, advertisers do not even have. The topic is: gossip or celebrity, religion, sports, politics and adults.

Failure to run Google Adsense is not affected by any topic. Maybe you do the following 3 mistakes intentionally or unintentionally in developing Adsense program on your site. First, you are not consistent in terms of content updates. Often found that Adsense publishers do not have a creative idea to make the article. Updates should be done to attract visitors to our site. When you intend to run Adsense program, then you should be prepared to provide the article up to date, at least 5 days.

Second, you have a problem with the number of visitors. Even in the early registration Google Adsense account, blog and your website has a lot of visitors, but if the number decreases every day, then you need to be vigilant. Google always keep an eye on the traffic of visitors on your site. When you are not able to meet the target of Google, then the failure is in plain sight. Often this is a negligence of the publisher Adsense when running the program in a long time.

Third, the problem you are on the Adsense ad placement. Google Adsense set that you are allowed to place ads for the appropriate amount. If you violate these rules, bad things will happen. Follow the guidelines for good ad placement according what is suggested by Adsense. In addition, improper placement of advertising can make people lazy to click on the ad. In fact they are the source of your income. Place an ad seattractive possible to provide pictures or words persuasive.

Well, so you will be able to run Google Adsense and earn a great income, use strategies to improve outcomes Adsense. Despite steps taken quite difficult, does not mean you can not get it. Certainly endeavor to provide maximum results. Here, you are advised not to practice black hat SEO to get a lot of money. Google hates such actions. Do the good and natural that your site is not detected as spam web.

Enhancing speed sites

What do you feel if you open a site for a long time? Annoyed? Angry? That which is perceived by visitors if you have a site that is very slow. To display Google Adsense ads perfectly, you are required to increase the speed sites. Thus, advertising can visible perfectly. Maybe you never see an ad that is not seen as a whole, in which the ad is placed in the middle area of the site. This is the result of a site that has a slow speed. How you can achieve substantial income?

One blog – One niche

As has been explained previously that consistently is key to your success in Google Adsense. Many people have proved only with a niche blog, the greater the revenue gained. With a niche website, you will get a high enough advertising offers. Unfortunately, to develop a blog with a niche is not easy. High creativity is necessary to be able to update the content regularly in one theme. You are required to have a broad discourse and good skills.

Unmatched Ads

Election advertising is an important factor in improving the results in Google Adsense. Good and relevant ads typically 300 x 250 pixels to 336 x 280 pixels. These are ads that work best in the Adsense program and became ads are rarely used in almost all of the sites or bloggers. Therefore, it is your duty to choose the ads with good quality and fit with your niche. If you let one choose the ads, Adsense program is not running optimally.

Ads placement

The last thing that affects income in Google Adsense is an ad placement. Beginning and end of the post is the right place to put the ad. Then, try to display Adsense ads and do not add any other advertising. If you put other than Adsense ads, your revenue will drop. Addition besides Adsense ads will reduce the number of clicks on Adsense ads themselves.