The Comparison of Bookmark Feature and Rss Feed Sites List

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Before the existence of rss feed sites list, internet users was marking his favorite websites with bookmarks or there are even some people who prefer to visit that site directly. Now the use of bookmark has gradually abandoned because of the emersion of rss feed. It delivers the ease for the reader to keep up to the latest articles posted by websites they like. This is considered to be a more effective way to ensure the sending of information from the website owner to his visitors.

The bookmark feature is always present on every browser which we use. There are actually several reasons why start bookmarking abandoned by fans, which are as follows:

• You must perform the bookmark manually. This is very different from rss feed sites list that will give you updates automatically.
• If you are using a bookmark, then you will experience a hassle if you have to gather information from many sites.
• If you forget to open the bookmark, then likely you will forget your favorite sites.

A lot of people ingest the disappointment when opening a site that has already bookmarked but did not find any new content. Opening the website manually will also make your time wasted. How many features are not important which come when you access a website while you just want to see his article only? It will better if you use rss feed sites list.

The breakthrough that was presented by rss feed makes loyal readers easier to find new things from many sites at once without bothering to open the site one by one. For owners of blogs, rss feeds are also very profitable and needs to be done in addition to submit the blog to directory submission sites list or get backlink from web 2.0 sites list to promote his blog.

In order to overcome the weakness that is manifested by the bookmark feature, you need rss feed sites list so that you will still get the latest content from a blog while you are busy with your daily life. When you have spare time, you only need to open the rss only. To be able to access it, you need rss reader and one of them is the Google reader that can be used for free. It is very simple and integrated to your Gmail account. As an alternative, you can also take advantage of the email account to receive rss.